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A Municipal Fire Vehicle, also known as a Fire Engine or Fire Truck, is a specialized vehicle used by municipal fire departments for firefighting and emergency response purposes. These vehicles are designed to transport firefighters, firefighting equipment, and water or other extinguishing agents to the scene of a fire or emergency.

In addition to firefighting, Municipal Fire Vehicles may be equipped for other emergency response tasks. They can be used for rescuing trapped individuals, providing medical assistance, controlling hazardous materials incidents, and performing various types of technical rescues, such as high-angle rope rescues or vehicle extrications.

Municipal Fire Vehicles are typically operated by trained firefighters who are responsible for driving and operating the vehicle’s firefighting equipment. They work in coordination with other firefighters and emergency response personnel to safely and effectively respond to fire and emergency incidents in their jurisdiction.

Specification :

  • Chassis between GVW 5 – 26 Ton, with 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 drive configuration.
1600 lpm water monitor capacity.
  • Single cab or double cab. 
  • Fire pump capacity of 2850 – 5300 lpm, driven by PTO.
  • Water tank capacity of 1000 – 10000 liters.
  • 1600 lpm water monitor capacity.