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An Industrial Fire Vehicle refers to a specialized firefighting apparatus designed specifically for combating fires and responding to emergencies in industrial settings. These vehicles are equipped with advanced firefighting equipment and features tailored to handle the unique challenges and hazards present in industrial environments, such as manufacturing plants, oil refineries, chemical facilities, and power plants.

Industrial Fire Vehicles are typically larger and more robust than standard fire trucks, allowing them to carry a greater amount of water, foam, or other firefighting agents. They often have higher pumping capacities and may be equipped with specialized systems, such as foam proportioning systems, to effectively suppress and extinguish industrial fires. Additionally, these vehicles may have elevated platforms or aerial devices for accessing elevated areas or tackling fires in tall structures.

• Chassis between GVW 8 – 35 Ton, with 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 or 8×4 drive configurations.Single cab or double cab.

• Water tank capacity of 1000-15000 liters
• Foam tank capacity of 500 – 1500 liters
• Fire pump capacity of 2850 – 5300 lpm, driven by PTO.
• Water / foam monitor capacity 1600 – 2850 lpm.